Rare Honey

A selection of our rare and exclusive honeys which are only harvested at certain times of the year when the flowers bloom which is usually for a few weeks with only a limited harvest. The remote areas make it hard work for our beekeepers to manage the hives however they do an amazing job and take great care with the bees ensuring they have enough food throughout the winter months.

The Herbal Honey Collection (3x 325g Jars)

On Sale from $46.24

10 Jar Taster Sets - With Mini Honey Dipper

On Sale from $33.74

Pure Blackberry Honey

On Sale from $4.74

Pure Avocado Honey

On Sale from $4.74

Pure Taif Rose Honey

On Sale from $18.75

Pure Black Seed Honey (Non-infused)

On Sale from $22.49