About Us

Our History

Since the last century, Willem & Sara Maters have resided in the beautiful south Cambridgeshire countryside on a small holding with their own beehives, livestock and a wide range of organic fruit and vegetables. Their daughter Kate (thats me!) inherited this passion for healthy and natural living and decided to take this lifestyle beyond her family and children, and so, Maters & Co was founded upon these principles of raw, natural goodness of the highest quality.

Company Values

After seeing a steady increase of foods which are genetically modified and sprayed with all kinds of chemicals, our core values, to help produce and source raw, natural products is stronger than ever. We started beekeeping in 2009 for the bees and not for the honey, however the bees produce excess honey which must be taken off the hive or it becomes harmful to the colony. Our love for the bees has only increased and we now support beekeepers in our region and beyond with the help of every purchase! This helps to keep their small ethical businesses running while aiding their local environment. 


After deciding we wanted to take our beautiful honey to market in 2016, we spent two years on the design and branding. We left no stone unturned during this time, we started with high-end tins for every jar with labels but after extensive research we found this wouldn't be viable. We then went to cardboard tubes, again this wasn't going to be an option. We wanted to be completely different to every other honey brand available while still being reasonably priced.

Eventually we came to realise the beautiful natural colours of the honey needed to be seen, why cover it with a label? So we started our search to be able to transfer onto glass jars. We travelled up and down the country visiting various businesses before we stumbled upon a printer that happened to be local to us. After months of printing and testing we eventually managed to come to our jars as you see them today, printed with organic inks giving them a stunning superior finish while being plastic-free and infinitely recyclable which was always something close to our hearts.


To all those who are working so hard during these testing times, you are in our thoughts and prayers. We worked in the NHS for 17 years on the frontline so we are well aware of the hard work and pressures you face. Please email us if you work in the NHS and we will give you a special code for 20% off your first purchase 💙