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The Mild Honey Collection (3x 325g Jars)

A Beautiful Collection of Mild Honeys

Due to ongoing demand we have now made bundles of our beautiful honeys available online! In this mild honey collection we have our Orange Blossom, Acacia and Cambridgeshire Spring varieties.

Our Orange Blossom honey comes from the beautiful blossom of the azhar tree in Spain. This honey has a light amber colour and a beautiful delicate taste. There are slight citrusy notes with a floral undertone.

Unlike the tree honeys, this blossom honey has a much lighter tone, as the bees have been feeding on the blossom instead of the sap from the tree. A very popular choice with adults and children alike due to the beautiful consistency and flavour!  

Our Hungarian Acacia honey has a very pleasant mild taste with hints of vanilla, it is one of the lightest coloured honeys with its colour being of an almost transparent yellow. It is delicate, with a subtle yet smooth texture and a slight vanilla aroma. Collected by the bees in May and in strict climatic conditions (temperature and humidity), this beautifully mild honey has its unique taste, mild flavour and appealing texture.

Our raw Cambridgeshire Spring multi-floral honey is produced in the beautiful countryside and harvested in the spring months of April and May. It has a beautifully delicate floral flavour with a light yellow colour and smooth texture. 

* Please choose from the options below for the jars on their own, or in our bespoke branded box with gift wrapping making it the perfect gift!


These honeys are very versatile in recipes such as: cakes, cookies, dessert toppings, ice creams, warm honey teas, salads and meat glazes, this is because their light flavours tend not to alter the taste of a dish whilst adding that slight sweetness and finish.

The honey may crystallise over time or in the cold and turn a creamy white colour. This is the honeys way of preserving itself and does not indicate that it has gone bad or that it is full of sugar! You can place the jar in some hot water for a few minutes and the honey will begin to go runny again.



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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 17 reviews
    Louise J W
    Best honey ever !

    This honey is beautiful. Others cannot compare . Will certainly be purchasing again. Love all 3 in this collection.

    Airah Din
    My Maters Honey 🍯 Review

    I love every jar, they're all so exquisite in flavour and colour; but my favourite honey has to be the Acacia with honeycomb.
    You should co-operate with supermarkets to sale this beautiful delicacy.
    Thank you for providing such beautiful Honey 🍯 💕

    Catherine K
    Mild Honey Collection

    Deliciousness in a jar.

    Lynne Mannino
    Heaven in a jar

    This must be how Ambrosia tastes. Wonderful stuff.

    Elizabeth Bennett
    Beautiful honey!

    I haven’t tried all three yet but the two that I have are absolutely lovely!! Smooth and with a beautiful flavour, I am enjoying them so much. I usually buy local honey but this has been an online find and I love it.