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                Load image into Gallery viewer, Pure British Wildflower Soft Set Honey - Maters & Co

                Load image into Gallery viewer, Pure British Wildflower Soft Set Honey - Maters & Co

                Load image into Gallery viewer, Pure British Wildflower Soft Set Honey - Maters & Co

Pure British Wildflower Soft Set Honey

A Beautiful Creamy Soft Set Honey

Soft set honey is gathered by bees from a wonderful mix of blossoms and wildflower, sourced from our beekeeper in Northumberland, across the rural landscapes and rolling hills of north England and Scotland. Our British soft set honey is crystallised honey that's spun until it's smooth, spreadable, and 100% delicious - Mild in flavour and buttery in texture, perfect for spreading on toast in the morning.

Produced by our ethical beekeeper whose apiaries are located in the diverse landscapes of Tyne and Wear to the wilds of Northumberland. There is an abundance and variety of forage for the bees to collect nectar and pollen. A simply yummy honey which adds flavour and sweetness without overpowering other tastes with its consistency of soft fudge.

This honey is best kept at room/ambient temperatures, we don't advise putting it into the fridge or a cold place as it will start to harden further.


With its light flavour this multi-floral honey is great on cereals, spreading on toast or a dollop on your porridge.

Not sure about the taste? Why not purchase our beautiful 45g mini jar to sample the taste! 

Produce of Northumberland, UK


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 52 reviews
    Marisol Delarosa
    As Good as Advertised

    My Tiktok algorithm kept feeding my ads for this honey and every time the image of the creamy tub of spooned honey showed up on my feed I thought, I must have this honey. I finally gave in, and I'm glad I did.
    I eat a lot of honey - at least a teaspoon a day in my morning matcha latte. (It's really good in a matcha latte, if you're wondering). But, this is good enough to just eat a spoonful for a sweet treat once in a while. And you won't feel guilty about it because it's not sickeningly sweet.
    I have yet to try it on toast with butter, but I think when I do it will be game changing.

    I’m addicted

    The soft set honey is so delicious I just kept going back for teaspoonfuls… it’s just so damn good.

    Alexandra Arnott
    Best honey EVER

    I was never keen on honey and never ate it until I was over 60! Then I bought some raw honey which was ok. I saw Mater's advertised and thought I'd give it a go because it looked so good. Hand on heart it's so delicious I keep going back for another spoonful. It's creamy and lush and a real treat. Definitely a five star buy.

    Dawn Sheehan
    The best honey you will ever taste

    I buy all my honey from Maters & Co as I haven’t found anywhere better. All there honey is 100% pure with no additives whatsoever. This soft set honey is one of my favorites. The taste is just amazing I have it in all my hot drinks and it’s delicious on toast. You won’t be disappointed in any of Maters & Co Honey but this one is definitely one of my top 3.

    Mandy F

    This is a delicious honey, although I wouldn't consider it a soft set....its actually a hard set and you have to dig it out of the jar, so just fyi. Melts quickly in warm drinks and delicious just off the spoon.
    Order came very quickly (UK to Arizona), so imagine theres some sitting in a warehouse somewhere in the US. I would purchase again.