Load image into Gallery viewer, The Winter Wellness Collection (3x 325g Jars)

                Load image into Gallery viewer, The Winter Wellness Collection (3x 325g Jars)

The Winter Wellness Collection (3x 325g Jars)

A Rich Collection of Potent Honeys For The Winter Months

The perfect collection for the colder months, if you have kids or elders in the house, you shouldn't be without these honeys in your cupboard. In this incredible winter wellness honey collection, we have our wild Oak, Scottish Heather and Eucalyptus varieties, dark, rich and full of antimicrobial/antibacterial properties. The perfect collection of honeys to get you and your family through the winter months.

Our premium raw Oak honey comes from the acorns of the Spanish oak tree. In the summer months acorns release a sweet nectar which the bees feed off. This produces a delicious dark toned honey with a depth of fruitiness and earthen flavours.

A 2 star Great Taste Award winner for 2020 one of the judges commented:

"We love the dark colour of this unusual honey, and the lingering almost piney flavours that stay for minutes on the palate. It is full of interesting flavours, spicy, and almost treacly. It is the sort of honey you find yourself thinking about, how you would use it - with perhaps a blue cheese. It's a far cry from a typical creamy or clear English honey, and intriguing."

Our Scottish Heather is expertly foraged from resilient heather plants that cover the Scottish hills and countryside, this honey awakens the taste buds with its aromatic flavour and slightly bitter aftertaste. Known for its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties this honey rivals manuka in terms of medicinal use and content. It has a thicker viscous-like consistency along with being raw, natural and unpasteurised just like our other varieties.

Our stunning Eucalyptus honey is a delightful addition to our range. Harvested from the nectar of the blossoming Eucalyptus tree that is adored by the honeybee and equally loved by humans. This is a variety with a unique composition. It contains traces of eucalyptol which gives it a fresh revitalising taste. The perfect honey for coughs, colds and sore throats.

This honey is a must try for any honey lovers with its spicy but sweet taste and slightly biting notes rounding off with a toffee-like undertone. 

* Please choose from the options below for the jars on their own, or in our bespoke branded box with gift wrapping making it the perfect gift!


With their lovely rich malty flavours these honeys are great for using in cakes, flapjacks, granola and some marinades. Many customers have also recommended them on toast and in porridge!

Produce of Spain & Scotland



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    Customer Reviews

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    Winter Wellness Collection

    Repurchased the Winter Collection of honey for 2nd time absolutely loving the quality of the Honey. Fantastic delivery arrived within 2 days of purchase. Looking forward to enjoying these Honeys through the summer and will be purchasing again when finished this batch. Worth every penny


    Beautiful honey decanter and the best quality honey I’ve ever tried. Would definitely repurchase.



    Nasser Karbon

    The honey was amazing my kids were having cough and sore throat, I gave them one tablespoon first thing in the morning, and within days they were feeling better


    Very good