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Superfood Raw Honey Bundle

It is especially important to focus on nutrition during the cold and flu season, as it can help to build up our body's immune system and protect us from potential illnesses. 

Eating foods that are high in essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals, such as raw honey and bee pollen is a great way to help keep our bodies strong and healthy. 

By combining these three superfoods with these healthy habits, you can help ensure your immune system is well-equipped for the season ahead.

Our Superfood Raw Honey bundle contains 3 of our most potent Superfood products, so you can enjoy each and every one of the unique flavours.

To take advantage of this great saving make your purchase today as stocks are subject to availability due to the seasonal nature of these products.



Pure Premium Bee Pollen 175g
Fresh Raw Cambs Borage Honeycomb Tub 200g
 Pure British Soft Set Wildflower Honey 325g`

Pure Premium Bee Pollen 175g

Elevate your well-being with our premium single-origin Bee Pollen, nature's ultimate superfood. Harvested from the most pristine, pesticide-free fields, our bee pollen is a treasure trove of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and antioxidants. Each golden granule is meticulously collected by the bees and mixed with a little nectar and honey to form this potent superfood.

Bee pollen contains clean protein, free-forming amino acids, and essential nutrients. It is high in B vitamins, which support energy production and are critical to thousands of processes within the body. Bee pollen is used by many pro athletes to help enhance athletic performance and promote speedy recovery after a tough workout.

Experience an improvement to your vitality as our bee pollen potentially enhances your immune system, supports natural energy levels, and promotes healthy digestion. The rich blend of vitamins, minerals, protein and amino acids nurtures your body from within, while its natural floral aroma invigorates your senses.

Once opened please refrigerate.

Produce of Spain


Bee Pollen is a versatile addition to your daily routine. Upgrade your smoothie, fruit salad, yogurt, cereal, or dessert with a teaspoon of this power fuel. You can also blend bee pollen to make a multi-use powder to sprinkle on your toast, ice cream, chocolates, and other sweet treats.

Fresh Raw Cambs Borage Honeycomb Tub 200g

This fresh raw Borage honeycomb from Cambridgeshire is a luxury pick for any connoisseur of honey. This succulent honeycomb harvest promises a special sensory experience, boasting aromatic floral notes with the bees feeding from the starflower. Harvested in early August, this is as fresh as it comes.

The most nutritious of all raw honey is honey still sealed in the wax cells of the honeycomb. Honey in its purest form (inside the cells) contains very little water. But honey, when exposed to air, has a tendency to pull water from the atmosphere. Thus ensuring honeycomb honey is packed with vitamins, enzymes, pollen, and antioxidants.

It possesses a pleasant mild taste with hints of flora, making it a suitable treat for all the family.

The wax can be eaten although it can be chewy and makes for a good, natural alternative to chewing gum. However, it isn't advisable for it to be consumed in large quantities.

Produce of Cambridgeshire, UK 


Honeycomb is very nutritious, it is so versatile in how it can be eaten, whether it's added to a fruit salad, or topped onto yoghurt, toast, ice cream or cheese! 

Pure British Soft Set Wildflower Honey 325g

Our British Soft set honey is gathered by bees from a wonderful mix of blossoms and wildflowers, sourced from our beekeeper in Northumberland, across the rural landscapes and rolling hills of North England and Scotland. Our British soft set honey is crystallised honey that's spun until it's smooth, spreadable, and 100% delicious - Mild in flavour and buttery in texture, perfect for spreading on toast in the morning.

Produced by our ethical beekeeper whose apiaries are located in the diverse landscapes Northumberland. There is an abundance and variety of forage for the bees to collect nectar and pollen. Simply yummy honey adds flavour and sweetness without overpowering other tastes with its consistency of soft fudge.

This honey is best kept at room/ambient temperatures, we don't advise putting it into the fridge or a cold place as it will start to harden further.


With its light flavour this multi-floral honey is great on cereals, smothering generously on crusty farmhouse toast, or dolloping on your porridge oats!

Honey Bundle


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 17 reviews
    Samantha Browning

    Have loved everything about this bundle and everything I ordered from Maters & Co! Best honey and honeycomb, and the bee pollen has been so amazing! Also the best customer service!! Can’t wait to order again ☺️


    Best honey I have ever had the pleasure of trying big shout out to all the wee bees 🐝 😂💪

    Kasam Hussain
    Quality !

    I bought the superfood raw honey bundle 2 weeks ago. FANTASTIC PRODUCT. Pure honey with a great taste. Highly recommend the bee pollen as its packed with multiple health benefits.

    James Tait
    Superfood Raw Honey Bundle

    A lovely bundle with amazing quality products


    Beautiful tasting exquisite honey and the bee pollen is amazing on my desserts