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Fresh Raw Honeycomb Tub

Superfood from the hives, raw honeycomb at its finest



This fresh raw spring honeycomb is a luxury pick for any connoisseur of honey. This succulent honeycomb harvest promises a special sensory experience, boasting aromatic notes with the bees feeding from hawthorn and horse chestnut. Harvested in early June, this is as fresh as it comes.

The most nutritious of all raw honey is honey still sealed in the wax cells of the honeycomb. Honey in its purest form (inside the cells) contains very little water. But honey, when exposed to air, has a tendency to pull water from the atmosphere. Thus ensuring honeycomb honey is packed with vitamins, enzymes, pollen and antioxidants.

It is available in three varieties, our beautiful Cambridgeshire Borage honeycomb, our Acacia variety from Hungary with a
 pleasant mild taste & hints of vanilla, and new for June 2023 - our Buckinghamshire Spring honeycomb!

All are suitable for all members of the family due to their fresh and light flavour.

A common question we are asked is regarding the wax and if it can be eaten. The simple answer is yes you can! Although it can be chewy, and makes for a good, natural alternative to chewing gum. However it isn't advisable for it to be consumed in large quantities.

    Borage Produce of Cambs, UK
    Spring Produce of Bucks, UK
    Acacia Produce of Hungary 


    Honeycomb is very nutritious, it is so versatile in how it can be eaten, whether its added to a fruit salad, or topped onto yoghurt, toast, ice cream or cheese!



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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 167 reviews
    Pat Massingham
    Fantastic honey

    Bought as a present but we opened it early and it’s fantastic

    I could easily eat the whole tub

    This is the best honeycomb I’ve ever had - delicate flavour and tastes fresh. I will buy again and would recommend.

    Jennifer Aquilina

    I do occasionally enjoy eating raw honeycomb straight from the tub with a spoon. This honeycomb was light and not overly chewy. Of course the honey is an amazing everyday honey, light, sweet and delicate. I purchased a few jars of this honey aswell. I do struggle to swallow the wax, so I drink it down because I appreciate the goodness it contains. I would definitely buy this again, I highly recommended. Delivery is prompt, Packing is done well and with a personal touch, really lovely company and customer service is 5 stars! They have a customer for life now. Enjoy your honey!

    Selcuk Kutuk

    Highly recommended

    Gillian Smith
    So delightful

    So enjoyable light and smooth
    Would highly recommend it