Load image into Gallery viewer, The Cambridgeshire Honey Collection (3x 325g Jars) - Maters & Co

                Load image into Gallery viewer, The Cambridgeshire Honey Collection (3x 325g Jars) - Maters & Co

                Load image into Gallery viewer, The Cambridgeshire Honey Collection (3x 325g Jars) - Maters & Co

The Cambridgeshire Honey Collection (3x 325g Jars)

The Definitive Collection of Cambridgeshire Honey

Due to popular demand we have now made our beautiful Cambridgeshire honeys available to purchase together, a stunning collection of pure and natural British honey from the pristine countryside far removed from traffic, pollutants and chemicals.

Our raw Borage honey, also known as starflower, has a very pleasant mild taste with hints of flora. It is one of the lightest coloured honeys available with a smooth consistency and a sell-out at the BBC Good Food show. A unique honey in its profile, texture and taste, this has also been submitted to the Guild of Fine Foods for the 2020 awards!

Our raw Spring multifloral honey is produced in the Cambridgeshire countryside and harvested in the spring. It has a beautiful delicate floral flavour with a light yellow colour. 

Our raw Summer honey was a winner at this years Great Taste Awards and described as "Such a pretty and delicate colour, and this is mirrored in the wonderfully fragrant flavour with subtle yet noticeable floral notes. A lovely honey." Our pure summer honey is produced in the Cambridgeshire countryside during the summer months and harvested in late August/September.

* Please choose from the options below for the jars on their own, in our beautiful bespoke gift box or in our bespoke gift box with gift wrapping making it the perfect gift!


These honeys are very versatile in recipes such as: cakes, cookies, dessert toppings, ice creams, warm honey teas, salads and meat glazes, this is because their light flavours tend not to alter the taste of a dish whilst adding that slight sweetness and finish.

The honey may crystallise over time or in the cold and turn a creamy white colour. This is the honeys way of preserving itself and does not indicate that it has gone bad or that it is full of sugar! You can place the jar in some hot water for a few minutes and the honey will begin to go runny again.



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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 30 reviews
    Wing Yu Chung
    Greatest honey I bought

    The honey taste very well especially the summer honey. I would like to buy the large size next time.

    Paul Lawton
    Great Tasting Natural Honey

    I have only tried your Borage Honey, so far - but was highly delighted with taste and flavour of this product. (I did have to search the base of the jar to see which of your three Cambridgeshire honeys that I was trying first though, as I couldn't find "Borage" anywhere other than the sticky paper label under the jar).

    Sheena Martin
    Sweet as Honey

    I enjoyed all the Honey Collection .They all have there distinct flavours
    Would order again, and also buy as gifts

    Colin Matley
    Absolutely Buzzing 🐝🐝🐝

    Great honey love these I use a lot when I'm doing stir frys and a few other dishes brings out the flavours.

    Lynne Mannino
    Best ever honey

    This is wonderful honey. I’m already half way through one jar, & I only got the delivery a few days ago. Breakfast, toast, smoothies & straight from the spoon. It’s delicious. The claims are not exaggerated.