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Raw Honeycomb Tub 500g

Nutritious chewy raw honeycomb at its finest

Now available in 500g tubs, our hand-cut raw honeycomb is finally here for those that like just the comb! It is from our Acacia variety and has a very pleasant mild taste with hints of vanilla. It is suitable for all the family due to its fresh and light flavour.

Acacia honey has a low glucose content so tends to stay runny for much longer than other light coloured honeys. It also has a low glycemic index so is good for people who are sensitive to sugar.

A common question we are asked is regarding the wax and if it can be eaten. The simple answer is yes you can! Although it can be very chewy, and makes for a good, natural alternative to chewing gum. However it isn't advisable for it to be consumed in large quantities.


Honeycomb is very nutritious and full of vitamins and antimicrobial properties, it is so versatile in how it can be eaten, whether its added to a fruit salad, or topped onto yoghurt, toast, ice cream or cheese!

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