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Pure Forest Honey

A Full Bodied Toffee-Like Honey

Our forest honey starts with an aroma similar of toffee pudding, it has deep, full bodied, slightly smoky, earthy tones, with a more savoury taste than some other honeys. Having been described as similar to a pomegranate molasses there are strong mineral notes with a slightly dry and mostly clean aftertaste. This is quite a thick honey which is higher in natural fructose than other types of honey. Hence, a spoon of forest honey helps to relieve fatigue and a great energy source, the lower glucose keeps it from setting longer than many other types of honey.

Forest honey is collected by bees from forest hives in Asturias northern Spain. The bees feed from chestnut and Mediterranean oak trees as well as beech and pine and often bramble flowers. 

The colour of the honey can vary due to seasonal variations, which is normal with all raw honey.


With its lovely rich earthy flavour chestnut honey is great for using in cookies, as a dessert topping, in granola and rich cakes.

Not sure about the taste? Why not purchase our beautiful 45g mini jar to sample the taste!

Produce of Spain



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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 24 reviews
    Raymond Clarke

    Delicious, what more can I say.

    Fi W
    Pure Forrest Honey

    THE most FABULOUS honey I've EVER tasted! I bought the little sampler jars and tried them first. For some reason, I also bought the biggest jar of the Pure Forrest Honey too. All I can say is, I'm SO GLAD I did! When its done, I'll be buying more for sure! It's fantastic! 😋

    E heaviside
    Real honey!

    Don’t go anywhere else for my honey now!

    Michael Carter
    ‘Healthy Honey"

    Received my third jar of honey, Pure Forest Honey, it’s absolutely superb, if you want Pure Natural Honey look no further than Maters & Co. you will not be disappointed!

    Janette Massey
    Wonderful, rich and full bodied

    Seems odd to use words associated with wind tasting for a honey but Maters have shown me the wonderful variety there is in honey. I have discovered that I enjoy the richer, less sweet, honey and this is one of my favourites, this and the Oak honey. In fact I'm going to have to stop here I need to make more toast for the honey.