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Pure Purple Lavender Honey

A Pure Floral Aromatic Honey


Our lavender honey is bursting with the flavour of the fragrant purple lavender. Each spoonful brings you to the sunny wild Spanish lavender fields, buzzing with bees and many other insects.

The honey has a beautiful light amber colour and a delicate yet powerful taste of freshly picked lavender. A 3 star Great Taste Award Winner with one of the judges commenting:

"A beautiful pale golden honey with a warm floral scent that carries through to the palate. Miniscule pollen grains and beads of wax from the hive add texture and complexity to the otherwise smooth and simply delicious product. Warm, ripe, light floral notes contrast with minerality and citrus, producing a lengthy brilliance to this delightful honey."

And another commented:

"This is one of those honeys which just gives and gives - gorgeous aroma, lovely texture and a long, lingering hint of lavender. The subtlety is stunning. A really worthy three star product."

Maters & Co have sourced one of the best lavender honeys from a small ethical beekeeper in Spain. Unlike some honeys, this is purely from the nectar of the lavender and not infused into the honey.

Please note: the honey is a light amber colour and named after the purple lavender the bees feed from. The honey itself is not purple. 


Lavender honey is particularly good to use as a skin care treatment to heal burns, cuts, abrasions and infections. It is also very versatile and can be used in recipes such as glazes for meats, salad dressings, cakes, flapjacks, breads, pastas and teas.

Not sure about the taste? Why not purchase our beautiful 45g mini jar to sample the taste!

Produce of Spain


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 37 reviews
    Ron Phipps
    Lavender Honey Yummy.

    Different but strangely Moreish. I really like it with my porridge. Thyme and Orange will be opened when this jar is finished.

    Blooming Beautiful!

    Love this honey, it light floral and gently sweet. Lovely as a snack on an oatcake. Would buy this one again!!

    John Bubb
    Masters & Co. Excellent Honey

    If you want really first Class pure raw honey, You can’t beat Masters & Co. The variety and selection is unbeatable and includes far too many types to list and describe here. Go direct to get the full list with descriptions.

    Robert Fletcher

    This honey was Ok a bit light for me as I love strong honey. I love Chestnut and Oak and my score is only a comparison with them.

    Jan Roake

    Excellent speedy delivery and the lavender honey is just delicious. You definitely get the raste of lavender.