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Unique Cambridgeshire Ivy Honey

A Unique Medicinal Glossy Honey

The Ivy plant (Hedera helix) has been cherished for hundreds of years as a powerful healer. Today ivy honey has a special place in herbal medicine for its ability to aid with many ailments. 

Ivy honey is rarely seen in the shops, due to the short bloom period of the ivy flowers, it has a very distinctive taste, intense uplifting floral notes with green grounding warmth, this is a taste experience unlike any other with its almost medicinal undertones and slight bitterness, which is in keeping with its many health benefits.

Our therapeutic ivy honey has been collected by the honey bees in south Cambridgeshire foraging in the Autumn with the unique properties of the plant  instilled in this amazing honey. Harvested in late October 2020 this is as fresh as it comes and the last of the honey harvest for the year. Its unique nature means we only have a limited batch of 45 jars until the following year.

This honey will crystallise fairly quickly in the cold and turn a creamy white colour. This is the honeys way of preserving itself and does not indicate that it has gone bad or that it is full of sugar! You can place the jar in some hot water for a few minutes and the honey will begin to go runny again.


With its unique flavour this ivy honey is great in baking, smoothies, marinades, and to sweeten tea or coffee.

Not sure about the taste? Why not purchase our beautiful 45g mini jar to sample the taste!

Produce of Cambridgeshire, UK


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Quick crystallisation!

    A very nice and unique taste BUT the honey crystallised like a rock the next day! I tried to warm it but it hardly melted

    Very tasty

    Basically I didn’t get a lot of it the family devoured it
    Very nice

    Beautiful honey

    Unfortunately my partner put it in the fridge so it was ruined before we had any of it to really give a first class review 😥

    First class honey!

    Due to health problems which mean I can't eat refined sugar, I eat a great deal of honey. This honey is a class above the average - the taste is distinctive and unique, and absolutely superb! Love it :-) and the service was excellent too!

    Cambridgeshire ivy honey

    I expected a dark and strong tasting honey so maybe an acquired taste, but it’s actually quite a delicate flavour and absolutely delicious! I’m just beginning my taste journey with honey and I will definitely buy ivy honey again. I also bought lavender honey, which is equally lovely. My honey arrived beautifully packaged, with the love and care these special honeys deserve. Thank you Maters!