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Premium Raw Oak Honey

A Robust Rich Caramel Honey


Our premium raw oak honey has come from the acorns of the Spanish oak tree. In the summer months acorns release a sweet nectar which the bees feed off. This produces a delicious dark toned honey with a depth of fruitiness and earthen flavours.

A 2 star Great Taste Award winner for 2020 one of the judges commented:

"We love the dark colour of this unusual honey, and the lingering almost piney flavours that stay for minutes on the palate. It is full of interesting flavours, spicy, and almost treacly. It is the sort of honey you find yourself thinking about, how you would use it - with perhaps a blue cheese. It's a far cry from a typical creamy or clear English honey, and intriguing."

This oak honey has a much stronger flavour and caramel taste with a touch of fruitiness and subtle malt undertones. A delicious and overall incredibly tasty honey full of antioxidants and antimicrobial properties.

The colour of the honey can vary due to seasonal variations, which is normal with all raw honey.


With its lovely rich malty flavour oak honey is great for using in cakes, flapjacks, granola and some marinades.

Not sure about the taste? Why not purchase our beautiful 45g mini jar to sample the taste!

Produce of Spain


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    Customer Reviews

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    Premium Raw Oak Honey

    Tried the testers, all were very nice. But the Raw oak honey stood out. Order and receive a jar, difficult to put down. It is velvety dark and full of flavour.

    Yummy Yummy!

    If you like honey but have only ever eaten supermarket honey before you're in for a treat if you buy some of this delectable honey. It's not in the same price bracket as supermarket honey of course, but you get what you pay for. It's lovely on toast or with yoghurt, but a spoonful straight out of the jar is definitely my favourite - and at this rate we'll be back for more before long.

    Very good

    This is absolutely delicious honey. Deep amber colour and full bodied flavour. Love it

    Delicious honey

    Very nice honey use it in yoghurts and fruit. Use it in hot milk for an evening drink. Will be buying more.

    Couldn't believe the difference

    I couldn't believe the difference! This is definitely a honey to eat straight from the spoon, no dressing up....just as it is. Love the smooth deep oaky flavour which lingers on for ages after you've eaten it Will certainly buy again and look forward to trying the others on offer. Definitely a true convert to the raw.