Everyday Honey

A selection of our everyday honeys which are harvested at specific times of the year from hives kept around the flowers and trees that the honey is named after. Each honey has a light and floral taste which makes them ideal as a breakfast option or for teas and coffees without overpowering the flavour.

Raw Acacia Honey (& Honeycomb Option)

On Sale from £2.69

Raw Lemon Blossom Honey

On Sale from £2.59

Raw Cambridgeshire Spring Honey

On Sale from £2.49

Raw Orange Blossom Honey

On Sale from £2.29

Raw Meadow Honey

On Sale from £1.99

The Mild Honey Collection (3x 325g Jars)

On Sale from £29.99

10 & 12 Jar Taster Sets - With Mini Honey Dipper

On Sale from £19.99

Unique Cambridgeshire Ivy Honey

On Sale from £2.89